FCW Workshop: Next Generation Computing - Home

Emerging computing technologies—from cloud, to edge, to machine learning, artificial intelligence and others—are helping agencies to achieve better, faster, cheaper processing and problem solving, as well as more efficient applications. With their increasing incorporation into federal agencies’ everyday operations, these technologies also bring challenges, from security to operational and data privacy issues. Cloud computing is a prime example, as agencies move from simple cloud adoption to managing platforms.

The past two years have shown agencies quickly capitalizing on the growing flexibilities and increased functionality that next-generation computing offers. With computing power moving closer the edge, and wireless communications capabilities such as 5G, oceans of data are closer to the user than they’ve ever been. As a result, applications are sharper and more capable for both the public and agency employees.

The pace of new computing is also underlining the importance of IT modernization. President Biden has made IT modernization a critical priority, calling it a national security issue in the wake of the big hacks on government agency systems, adding to the urgency of developing and deploying even more effective technologies.

Workshop attendees will come away with a better understanding of:
-What emerging computing technologies top federal agencies’ lists
-How privacy and data security fit into new computing technologies and capabilities.
-How federal IT modernization efforts are pushing new computing capabilities into agencies
-Mission-driven approaches to deploying emerging computing applications
-Best practices for acquiring next-generation advanced technologies
-Which agency pilots look most promising

Opening Keynote

Federal agencies are catching up to private industry in modernizing their capacity to adapt and adopt new computing and processing capabilities, from 5G, to edge computing, hybrid cloud networks and artificial intelligence. In this session, hear about NSA's work to transition new and emerging technology and techniques from research to mission application.


Gil Herrera, Director of Research, National Security Agency