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Digital Transformation

True digital transformation is on the cusp of a watershed moment as more agencies embrace digital services and policymakers back their initiatives with guidance and money, such as the executive order on customer experience and Technology Modernization Fund respectively. Following the quick pivot to digital services during the pandemic, the momentum around digital transformation has continued with strategic efforts to more closely align government-customer interactions with experiences in the private sector.

While enabled by technology, this wholesale transformation also requires a fundamental rethinking of the structures and processes behind digital services - with customers' life experiences prioritized over traditional agency silos. In order to achieve this agencies must have not only the right underpinning technology, but also buy-in from leaders and collaboration across government.

The Digital Transformation workshop will explore why customer experience is foundational to digital services, where to prioritize technology investments to make the biggest impact, and how to reimagine process and collaboration in a digital world. Attendees will have the chance to hear from agency executives about successful solutions. Government and industry leaders will share practical, solutions oriented lessons on rethinking and delivering digital services.

​​Attendees who attended the event come away with a better understanding of how to:
– Leverage data to enable digital transformation
– Enable secure identity access in digital services
– Collaborate via shared services
– Integrate human centered design in digital services
– Automate workflows
– Build stakeholder buy in for digital transformation

Data Driven Kill Chain

Ms. Venice Goodwine will provide her views on the future of digital transformation and the importance of industry partnerships to provide the most effective data-driven kill chain.  Through her extensive experience in various senior level positions spanning private industry, military service and federal civilian service, Ms. Goodwine will provide unique insight into what crucial elements power our nation’s digital transformation.


Venice Goodwine, Director of Enterprise Information Technology, Office of the Chief Information Officer, USAF

Justine Bullock, Sales Director, Carahsoft Technology Corp.